Seed Oils and Obesity

Have you ever wondered why the world is getting more obese as the years go by despite the widespread uptake in "healthy" vegetable oils?  It turns out that they may be part of the problem.  Let's take a minute and explore why here.


Throughout history, traditional cultures around the world have depended on animals as their primary source of fat.  There is nothing in the historical record of tribes mashing corn or soybeans until they had enough oil to cook with.  They would have died before they ever achieved that goal.  Instead, they used what was readily available, and most were in very good shape.  But, in the early part of the 20th century, people started changing their dietary habits and consuming large amounts of vegetable and seed oils, and this is when the the obesity rate began to rise.


If you take different traditional cultures around the world, the staple foods for each may have been different, the Inuit consumed a diet high in seal meat and blubber, while many east Asian countries consumed a diet high in carbohydrates, but neither of them had an obesity epidemic.  Even if you look at Americans prior to the 20th century, our consumption of calories, red meat, and sugar all were similar to current levels (Our exercise levels even went up!), and we did not have an obesity epidemic.  It was not until the widespread adoption of vegetable and seed oils that we began to see an obesity problem.


Many vegetable and seed oils are high in Omega-6 fatty acids, mostly linoleic acid, and these may be the main reason that obesity has risen with the consumption of vegetable and seed oils.  When these molecules break down, they create highly inflammatory molecules which cause all kinds of damage throughout the body including to our fat cells, which may be why we retain more fat when we consume more vegetable oils.


So, to combat this, it is best to stick with pasture raised animal fats such as lard, tallow, butter, and ghee.  All of our products are always cooked in these.  So, you can rest at ease knowing that there are no seed oils in your delicious snacks.

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